Does the Onside funding support end after three years? 

No the three year figure comes from the initial fundraising to ensure that there is three years running costs in place when the new building opens. This is done by asking from an initial three year commitment from multiple (20+) donors. Experience from other projects shows that the vast majority of donors continue to donate and that new donors and fundraising sources increase income over the years. 


Will the Council have to pick up the bill?

No the Council will put funding into the building and commit to a contribution to running cost for the first three years. After this they have no obligation to any funding. BYC would remain an independent local Charity with ongoing support from Onside a National Charity. In a worst case scenario any losses would be the responsibility of the Charity which is also a Limited Company.  


Are the finances sustainable?

Yes the funding will be more sustainable than BYC’s current arrangements. It will create a better mix of income currently BYC receives about 20% of income from the council, 70% from rental and activity and 10% from donations and other grants. The new model would see a significant increase in proportion of donations and other grants to 50% + with the Council contribution remaining at 20% and the rest coming from rental and other income generating activities. 

The intention is to increase the budget to deliver Youth Work significantly. Currently BYC has a budget of around £260k a year the new this would increase to over £1m. In a worst case scenario where the council could no longer fund and some donors could no longer contribute the budget would still be much higher than now. Building running costs would be lower as we would have modern heating and lighting and rental income will increase over an old run down building and rental income would be easier to achieve with a better facility. 

We would also have ongoing support from Onside on finances who can access national grant and fundraising opportunities.  


Who would own the new Youth Centre?

The Youth Centre would be owned, as it is now, by Brighton Youth Centre the Charity, however ownership could be passed to the Council to protect their investment if needed.   


What does this mean for Youth Work in the City?

It will transform Youth Work in the City we would expect to see 4,000-5,000 young people a year, more than doubling the number of Young People participating in Council supported Youth Work across the City. 

 We would have a brilliant facility open for all Young People and Youth Organisations to use 7 days a week all year round. We would create significant numbers of new jobs and volunteering opportunities. We would develop new partnerships and r to address issue facing Young People and support their voice to be heard. 


What will happen to my local Youth provision?

We want to increase the amount of Youth Work in the City not replace it. Local projects will able to use the new facilities with their groups and we would be able to provide mini bus transport to help groups travel. We would be able to support existing providers and develop new local provision where it was needed in the City through fundraising, training and other support. We expect that some partner City wide services will operate from the new building which will save money on accommodation, provide better facilities and more service options. We would also look to support cross City sports, arts and participation events bringing Young People from across the City together.  


Why spend the money on this?

Brighton Youth Centre has over 100 years history of working in the City. Currently we work with over 2,000 participants a year including Young People from every ward in the City. 

We have track record of been financially stable and offering excellent value in terms of work delivered against money spent. We also support many other organisations that deliver from our current building and giver over half the grant we receive from the Council to support other City CentreYouth Organisations. This proposal would bring in over £5 million pounds of new investment in Youth Work. 

Our building is old and in urgent need of renovation to keep it open and make it more accessible. This means we would have to raise money just to maintain what we have, however this option would transform Youth Work in Brighton and Hove at a time when it is needed more than ever.